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Our services deliver the outcomes that our customers expect - Patient and staff safety, Patient satisfaction, Cost Containment and Regulatory compliance. To fully manage the Health Care Technology Life Cycle. TSP customers benefit from the following customizable Partnership Contracts:

Comprehensive Partnership: Fixed price for comprehensive inventory inclusive of parts.
Resident Partnership: Includes Core Partnership services plus resident TSP staff.
Core Partnership:
Full life cycle planning and management of medical technology.

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As additional Value-Add Services we offer the following:
  • Clinical Engineering: Advanced medical technology consulting and advisory services.
  • Specialized Equipment Services: Preventative maintenance and repairs for specialized medical equipment.
  • Capital Asset Services: Preventive maintenance and repairs for the most sophisticated and expensive medical equipment.
  • Medical Device Integration: Clinical device acquisition, interfacing, and networking in support of the new Electronic Health Record.

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Comprehensive Health Care Technology Life Cycle

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