Table of Contents

HLTH 025: Patient Care Equipment Techonology

HLTH 135: Advanced Medical Equipment Systems

HLTH 225: Healthcare Technology Management


HLTH 025: Patient Care Equipment Technology

         Respiratory System
         Battery Systems
         Digital Electronics
/ Extra Credit Report


HLTH135: Advanced Medical Equipment Systems

Advanced Healthcare Technology
            Image Quality
            Computed Tomography
            Nuclear Medicine
            Magnetic Resonance
Exam 1
Healthcare Networks
            Medical Imaging Networks
            Clinical Information Systems
            Electronic Medical Record
Radiation Therapy
Clinical Laboratory Systems
Exam 2
Surgical Systems
            Minimally Invasive
            Medical Lasers
            Robotic Surgery
Physical Therapy Equipment
Course Summary
Exam 3 / Extra Credit Paper

HLTH225: Healthcare Technology Management

Healthcare technology planning & management overview
Medical Devices, equipment and systems
Medical Information Systems and Electronic Health Record
Convergence of IT, telecommunications and medical technology
Technology Planning and Policy
            Capital budgeting
Exam 1
Life Cycle Management
            Regulations and Standards
            Training and Education
            Patient Safety
Computerized Medical Equipment Management System
Clinical Engineering
Global Healthcare Technology Management
Exam 2



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