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John Tobey Clark

Engineering Supervisor,Technical Services Partnership, University of Vermont (2017-present)

Former Director, Technical Services Partnership, University of Vermont, 1985-2017

● Technical Services Partnership (TSP) - TSP provides healthcare technology planning management consultation, and direct technical services to hospitals in Vermont, New York, Maine, and New Hampshire. Coordinate and administer clinical engineering internships for UVM and international students.

Lecturer, College of Nursing & Health Sciences, University of Vermont (2008-Present)

Develop, teach and coordinate courses in Biomedical Equipment Technology: Application, Support and Management as part of the the Biomedical Equipment Technology Sequence: HLTH 025, 026, 135, and 225

Lecturer, School of Engineering, University of Vermont (1989-Present)

  • Teach BME 296 Clinical Engineering 2020
  • Taught EE227, Biomedical Measurements, Instrumentation & Systems, 1989-2007
  • Senior project advisor

Director, World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Health Technology Management (2017-Present)

Develop, coordinate and teach online and workshop based health technology management courses

Consult in the areas of technology assessment, planning, management and regulation.

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J.Tobey Clark

Tobey Clark

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