IMF Exhibits at the ECHO Center

                On December 8, IMF exhibited at an event at the ECHO center in downtown Burlington as part of the “ECHO After Dark” series. This program, titled “That’s Brilliant!” showcased over two dozen local inventors’ products and provided individuals the opportunity to network with other inventors, entrepreneurs, and those who were interested in what the event entailed. IMF had a very positive exhibition experience and estimated there were about 150 attendees. Non-stop visits to the exhibitor table by inventors, business owners, and curious individuals inundated IMF staff for all four hours of the event. The table display included examples of mechanical, rapid prototyping, and electrical products that IMF has designed. One such product was the result of collaboration between Mike Fortney and Professor Kathy Marmor of the UVM art department, who has nationally and internationally presented her artwork. She worked with Mike to develop electrical fans that receive text and other computerized messages. The messages then display on the spinning fan, creating a unique sensory experience for the viewer. Kathy has used these fans as part of multiple interactive art exhibitions. These fans created an engaging and stimulating experience for the ECHO event’s attendees. “That’s Brilliant!” was considered exceedingly successful and IMF hopes it can reach out to the Vermont inventor community even more in the future.

The fan at a stand-still An example of the fans in motion

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