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Technical Services Partnership is a proud user of the EQ2 HEMS Enterprise computerized maintenance management system. The EQ2 HEMS Enterprise system and family of products is used in facilities, biomed, security and information technology departments at healthcare institutions around the globe. EQ2 HEMS Enterprise enables the efficient and effective management of assets and activities required to support the environment for high quality patient care. The EQ2 HEMS Enterprise system supports the key outcomes:

  • Patient and staff safety. Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are recorded on each asset including the completions of appropriate test procedures.
  • Patient satisfaction. Quality surveys are automatically delivered to care givers to assess the service received by support departments.
  • Cost Containment. Contracts are attached to a central repository and maintenance activities continuously monitored.
  • Regulatory compliance. A real-time history of current maintenance activities is maintained to show compliance for Joint Commission, Centers for Medicaid Services, and OSHA compliance.

TSP offers the HEMS system for sale to clients and provides expert implementation and support services.

Learn more about the EQ2 HEMS family of products.

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