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Clinical Engineering

TSP Clinical Engineers work within the scope of your Partnership Program to ensure that the most appropriate technology is acquired and effectively managed to achieve the full value of the asset to your organization. Clinical Engineers draw upon their deep expertise in clinical systems management practices and health care technology to help you.  TSP contracts with ECRI Institute to provide the SELECTplus program to contracted hospitals to provide intelligence, best practices, and safety information applied to the planning and management phase.

  • Assess new technologies including clinical efficacy, alternatives, vendors, safety, support requirements, pricing, needs impact, and financing requirements

  • Budget for new capital equipment: review budget requests, evaluate current equipment status, verify pricing, prioritize and assess technology trends

  • Systematically acquire new clinical equipment: develop acquisition procedures, define equipment specifications, administer Request for Proposals, evaluate bids, and support testing, installation, training and service planning

  • Provide education on safety issues, new technology, regulations and standards, and facilities engineering

  • Support compliance to regulations and standards: participate on committees (environment of care, safety, capital equipment, equipment standardization), consult on compliance standards and regulations, advise on facilities alterations related to technology, provide equipment problem mitigation and consulting

  • Assure safety and manage risks: ensure compliance (Safe Medical Devices Act, Joint Commission, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and insurance guidelines), review recall notices, and investigate device related incidents

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