FAQ - Technical Services Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I procure repair services for my medical equipment at all hours?
     Call (802) 656-3255

Who do I contact for billing questions?
    Call Accounts Receivable (802) 656-3255

Who do I contact regarding the Capital Asset Protection Partnership?
    Call CAPP (802) 656-3255

Who do I contact regarding Biological Safety Cabinets and Fume Hoods?
    Call BSC Repair (802) 656-3255

Who do I contact regarding the Hospital Engineering Management System (HEMS)?
    Call Michael Lane (802) 656-0070

Who do I contact for consultation on medical equipment purchase, equipment replacement, codes and standards, patient safety involving medical devices or other clinical engineering services?
University of Vermont Medical Center Wally Elliott (802) 657-9706 (Pager)
Vermont and New Hampshire Ray Forsell (802) 881-5646 (Cell Phone) 
New York Leah Francoeur (802) 351-6257 (Pager)

Iím not sure who to contact. What is the main contact information?
Phone: TSP - (802) 656-3255
Phone: IMF - (802) 656-2976
Email: info@its.uvm.edu


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