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For over thirty five years, Technical Services Partnership (TSP) has been partnering with health care providers to increase the quality of care through the use of advanced medical technology. Our health care life cycle technology planning and management services have enabled our customers to stay abreast of the latest advances in health care technology while ensuring patient safety, clinical efficacy, cost containment, and operational excellence.

We are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for our leadership in the field of health care technology management.

As a non-profit division within the University of Vermont, our customers benefit from our close association with the Medical School, the advanced research capabilities of the university, and the ability to cost-effectively leverage the resources of a highly regarded institute of learning.

Effective Health Care Technology Management TSPís broad focus on the full Health Care Technology Life Cycle is unique among similar service providers. Medical technology plays a key role in achieving positive outcomes for patients. However, it is a major cost driver not only due to the initial equipment acquisition cost but also the full life cycle costs associated with installation, training, maintenance, consumables, compliance, etc. Acquisition costs are Only the Tip of the Iceberg.


Due to the complexities of the health care system, inefficiencies can develop. Departmental and individual physician efforts to implement technology can backfire if the overall health care system environment is not taken into consideration. Lack of standardization, improper application, limited infrastructure, failing to capture economies of scale, not anticipating overall utilization, and ineffective maintenance approaches can all lead to escalating costs and less than optimal patient care.

For medical technology to be successful in improving patient outcomes, a comprehensive system of technology planning and management is required. One that optimizes the capacity to produce the desired results while effectively managing costs throughout the full health care technology life cycle.

Learn more about TSPís services in the context of the full health care technology life cycle.

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Why TSP?

Our full life cycle approach to technology management results in better planning, reduced costs, and a higher standard of patient care.

The advanced technical expertise of our Clinical Engineers compliment the skills of our highly responsive Biomedical Equipment Technicians

Our heritage of providing trusted and reliable technology services to healthcare organizations for over thirty five years

Ability to leverage the knowledge and resources of The University of Vermont and itís highly regarded teaching medical school

Custom education & advisory services offered by our knowledgeable Clinical Engineers

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