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As the leading provider of comprehensive health care technology management services, Technical Services Partnership(TSP) helps healthcare organizations focus on providing the highest quality of patient care, while supporting them in their never-ending drive to:

  • Assure patient and staff safety
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Contain costs
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

      Health Care Technology Life Cycle

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Keeping up with the rapid advances in health care technology is a complex and challenging task for clinical organizations. TSP is known for world class medical equipment maintenance and repair services on all general biomedical equipment and a variety of specialized systems. However, we go well beyond equipment maintenance to provide comprehensive planning and management services that encompass the complete Health Care Technology Life Cycle.

Since its inception in 1973, TSP has partnered with our clients to safely and cost-effectively manage health care technology that improves the quality of care for patients. We take pride in the strong enduring reputation we have earned for trusted, knowledgeable, and responsive service.  We welcome the opportunity to explore how we might help you to deliver superior patient care.

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