The innovation in life sciences is an area of growth and socio-economic development: A healthy population produces healthy economies. The improvement of the population’s health involves the disease prevention, early detection, and innovation at many levels of healthcare services. Advances in technology and continuous innovation in the health sector offer hope and a real opportunity to improve public health which leads to greater productivity and economic development. PUCP sees a great potential to contribute in the fortification of the Health Sector. This is evident from its diverse faculties and specialties, in particular those linked to Technology in health and those that do emphasis in the evaluation of social and economic impacts. CENGETS, a program of PUCP, interacts with external entities nationally and internationally to improve the viability of the Health Sector through investigations, evaluations, studies, projects and training.

What is Technology in Health?

Technology in health includes the equipment and devices, the organizational systems, their processes, human resources, strategies, the Information systems and the Enterprise Surroundings related to the delivery of services. The development and fortification of the health sector requires global knowledge of the specialized, state-of-the-art technology used in healthcare. The investment in healthcare decision making and expert systems will be more effective, and combined to achieve a strong Management of Technology. This will guarantee better access and service quality of health offered to the population.

What is a “Technopole”?

It is a conglomerate of capacities that connects the investigation with emergent markets in order to solve specific social problems and to promote the development of regions. This is the case of the health sector in general, where it is important to investigate the high-priority needs and to create, in an innovating way, a sustainable market for the Peruvian health sector, which is focused on resolving long-outstanding problems in Peruvian society. This approach is framed in a natural way in the same concept and aims of Universal Social Responsibility URS.