3D Printing

IMF has access to some of the most advanced and versatile 3D printing technology on the market in the Objet Geometries Polyjet system. When you need rapid parts, models, and assemblies, or want a complex structure in a composite material, 3D printing is the clear choice.
3D printing breaks down a 3D computer file into layers and “prints” the data in an additive process to build a fused physical structure. 3D printing is able to build structures that cannot be produced through normal subtractive machining techniques.
IMF can take your 3D computer image file and produce a physical object in a matter of hours. The objects produced can be used as:

  • Parts - both rigid and flexible
  • Assemblies – instruments, structures or products
  • Models – for research, instruction, or demonstration of a concept or idea
  • Molds – for parts and products

The Eden 350V system employed by IMF has outstanding resolution of 16 microns (Z axis), build size up to 13.4” x 13.4” x 7.9", a choice of transparent and colored materials with well-defined qualities, and readily accepts common 3D CAD files in the .stl or .slc formats. IMF staff can provide quotes and produce your parts, models and assemblies in as little as 24 hours.
Visit Objet Geometries for material information - http://www.objet.com/materials/
For a custom quote please mail your .stl file toinfo@its.uvm.edu
If your file is over 10 MB use the download site below and select: send a file to a UVM affiliate and enter tobey.clark@uvm.edu for recipient e-mail address  - http://www.uvm.edu/filetransfer/send/


Featured Equipment

Complex 3D Printed Product
Example of 3D product

Sheets of 3D Printed Parts
Sheet of 3D printed parts

The Objet Eden 350V in action.

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