Vessel Chambers

IMF offers Vessel Chambersfor use in physiology, pharmacology, biology and other life science research.

IMF has been fabricating Vessel Chambers for customers for nearly thirty years. These devices assist life science researchers studying muscles and vessels in measuring a variety of parameters including force and flow while controlling temperature, tension, pressure, and other factors.

The IMFs VT-1000 design is the best value in the micro vessel chamber market. Designed by experts with over 25 years of experience in micro vessel chamber fabrication, the VT-1000 is well-suited for experimental protocols requiring vessel diameter measurements and microscopy confocal, wide field, fluorescence, or standard transmitted light.

The VT-1000 is a robust, full-featured micro vessel chamber, designed for experiments that use superfusate for temperature regulation or operate at ambient temperatures. Its capabilities include visualization of specimens 60 m in diameter and larger when used in combination with researcher microscopy set-up. Other product features include:

  • Options for 5ml or 10ml sample well
  • Chemically inert
  • Easy to clean
  • User-replaceable bottom cover slip
  • Fine Rotational Z axis adjustment
  • Fine Rotational Y axis adjustment
  • Fine Rotational X axis adjustment
  • Anchored cannula input output ports (reduces breakage)
  • Superfusate input output ports
  • Optional Platinum Field Stimulating Electrode
  • #1 coverslips, 24x60 mm, spare box included

The VT-1000 Cannulae can position sample on or just above cover glass. This model fits most microscopy stages and stage adapters available upon request. Please provide scope make and model number when inquiring into adapter requirements.

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The VT-1000


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