Bead Molds

The Instrumentation and Model Facility has been fabricating bead molds since 1986.

All IMF bead molds are made from ground carbon steel and coated with Teflon.

IMF Bead Mold Features:
  • Two-tiered and Three-tiered varieties
  • Create beads of 3.2, 4.0, 6.4, or 7.0 mm diameter
  • Yield between 25 and 50 beads per strand
  • Usable with bone cement and antibiotic powders
  • Can be made to custom specifications upon request

For best results and depending on the amount of usage, bead molds will need to have their Teflon coating periodically stripped and reapplied.

For pricing and further product information please view our brochure.

Featured Equipment

Bead Mold
Two-tiered Bead Mold

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