Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for billing questions? 

Call Accounts Receivable at (802) 656-3255.

Who do I contact regarding the development of a custom instrument or part? 

Call Tobey Clark at (802) 656-0069.

Who do I contact for machine shop services? 

Call Carl Silver at (802) 656-0082.

How do I arrange for the 3D printing/rapid prototyping of a model, part, or assembly? 

Call Carl Silver at (802) 656-0082.

Does IMF serve organizations outside the University of Vermont? 

A key UVM objective is to "Improve and sustain the university's role as a valued leader and partner in social and economic development in Vermont, the region, and the world." IMF's considerable resources and extensive experience in working with world class researchers at UVM can be utilized to collaborate with outside entities. IMF is a self-sufficient department within UVM and is focused on meeting client needs - products on time, within the budget and of high quality.

How does IMF's relationship with the University of Vermont benefit commercial customers?

The resources of the University of Vermont are broad and highly capable. Spires or centers of excellence in biological sciences, complex systems, and neuroscience are world class. IMF has a strong history of work with these and all disciplines at UVM - from archeology to zoology. Commercial customers benefit from this experience where extraordinarily difficult instrumentation problems have been solved by IMF staff such as measurement of molecular forces. At the same time, budget conscious researchers demand cost-effective solutions - we know the bottom line. With the proper specifications and guidelines, IMF can provide a solid quote.

How does being a non-profit 509(a)(1) organization benefit commercial customers?

IMF doesn't have a profit margin to achieve. This is a distinct advantage of working with IMF on your instrumentation project, parts fabrication or 3D printing job. We are a non-profit department at UVM with a focus on solutions - not earnings.

How are IMF's services different than a typical machine shop?  

We are not a job shop. IMF works closely with customers to design and produce a complex part, working instrument or device. Our experience with UVM researchers where the overriding goal was finding a solution is transferred to all customers.

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